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Ovation focuses on sourcing and structuring attractive private market investments. We work to reduce risk through strong collateral positions and secure, contractual cash flows.

Ovation began during the ‘Great Recession’ as a private investment vehicle funded by its co-founders and General Partners - Mike Rovner and Jeff Serra. At a time when mainstream income investments were producing minimal returns, Jeff and Mike sought to leverage their financial services expertise to source income-generating opportunities with attractive yields and little-to-no correlation to the public markets. Their approach emphasized principal protection, low volatility, and consistent income.

Since 2010, driven by steady returns and a conservative approach, Ovation’s investor ranks have expanded. Today we are responsible for more than $500 million of assets under management across a variety of private credit and specialty finance asset categories. These assets may include (but are not limited to) tax lien transfers, real estate, single family rentals, auto dealer finance, equipment finance, insurance backed assets, non-performing debt, receivables finance, and small business loans. We strive to reduce complexity for our investors and manage these assets in a simple multi-strategy fund, the Ovation Alternative Income Fund (AIF).

While Ovation’s team and assets have grown over the years, a few things have remained unchanged. Ovation’s founders are still among its largest investors, the firm remains focused on niche asset categories where expertise matters, and we continue to emphasize principal protection, low volatility, and consistent income.

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