Ovation Partners

Alternative Income Fund

Ovation Partners has the experience to navigate niche markets that don’t fit larger firms’ strategies.

The Ovation Alternative Income Fund, LP (“AIF”) is a diversified, multi-strategy fund that primarily invests in income-producing private credit and specialty finance assets with meaningful collateral and contractual cash flows. The Fund’s objectives are to preserve our investor’s capital, generate returns with low correlation to public markets, and provide quarterly cash distributions. There can be no assurance, however, that the Fund’s objectives will be achieved.

AIF is diversified across strategies including (but not limited to) tax lien loans, municipal tax liens, first lien loans backed by real estate, insurance-backed assets, non-performing debt, equipment leases, small business loans, and receivables finance. Each of these assets requires specialized due diligence, origination, and servicing expertise that Ovation believes is uncommon in the asset management industry.

Ovation believes the resulting AIF portfolio provide these benefits to investors:

  • Portfolio Diversification. Income–producing private investments have historically been less correlated with public markets.
  • Current cash flow. A substantial portion of the total return of these investments is current cash flow distributable to investors.
  • Shorter duration. Most of the Fund’s underlying assets amortize over 6-60 months with average duration less than three years.
  • Meaningful Collateral. Ovation primarily targets asset-backed investments with low loan-to-values (“LTVs”) or deep purchase discounts.